Knee Injuries Huntington BeachThe knee is a critical joint that allows you to walk smoothly and comfortably, sit, stand, kneel and perform other necessary functions throughout the day. Your knee comprises three parts. The femur and tibia, or thigh and shin bone, form the primary knee joint where they meet. The patella or kneecap is the final part and is attached to the femur. Surrounding the knee is a capsule that contains ligaments that stabilize and strengthen the entire joint, and between the joints is the meniscus, a pad that allows the knee to move smoothly, and the bursae, which allow the joint to glide. An injury in this area can cause catastrophic damage and significantly affect your health, quality of life and mobility. Dr. Pospisil, our expert in treatment of knee injuries in Huntington Beach, can help.

Dr. Pospisil, our Huntington Beach knee injuries treatment expert offers skilled care for patients with knee problems, including:

• Diagnoses
• Ongoing pain and medical evaluation
• Pain management referral
• Minimally invasive arthroscopic knee repair
• Minimally invasive arthroscopic knee reconstruction
• Total knee arthroplasty

Huntington Beach Knee Injuries

Your knee can be affected by both overuse and traumatic injuries, which can interfere with the health and function of any of the parts of the knee, including the bones, joints, cartilage, bursae, muscles, tendons and ligaments in the region. In fact, it is one of the most commonly injured bones in the body. Severe trauma can occur as a result of impact injuries, such as car crashes and sports accidents. The knee is also frequently affected by arthritis, immune system disorders and other problems. Dr. Pospisil, our expert in treatment of knee injuries in Huntington Beach, offers skilled care that can help you recover comfort, function and health.

Dr. Pospisil, our Huntington Beach knee injuries treatment expert, works with patients to identify the underlying cause of their knee dysfunction and to give them the relief they need. Physical therapy, medication and surgery may all be used to correct the underlying problem.

You do not need to suffer knee pain in silence. Call us today to learn more about available treatments or to schedule your appointment with Dr. Pospisil, our sports medicine physician in Huntington Beach.


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Dr. Pospisil is one of Southern California's well known orthopedic surgeons, having practiced in Orange County for over 30 years. He has extensive experience with arthroscopic repair of knee and shoulder injuries as well as total joint arthroplasty. He is one of the few orthopedic doctors trained in the art of subchondroplasty to help repair early arthritic conditions to stave off the necessity of an arthroplasty. As a surgeon, he has resounding success performing 200 surgeries a year for 25 years.
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