sports medicine huntington beachWhether you are a weekend warrior or a professional athlete, your body has special needs. Taking care of it can ensure you can enjoy many years of active participation in your favorite games or sports. Dr. Pospisil, our expert in sports medicine in Huntington Beach, can help you stay in great shape so that you can continue doing the things you love.

Sports medicine is a specialty that focuses on preventing and treating exercise-related injuries. Dr. Pospisil, our Huntington Beach sports medicine expert, offers conservative and surgical treatments for a variety of sports injuries, including:

• Sprains
• Strains
• Cramps
• Tears
• Other muscle, ligament and tendon damage
• Partial and complete bone fractures
• Shin splints
• Overuse injuries

Dr. Pospisil, our expert in sports medicine in Huntington Beach, is committed to helping our patients lead healthy, active lives while participating in their favorite sports. We treat not only injuries but can also work with you to manage conditions that could affect your overall performance, such as exercise-induced asthma or cardiovascular abnormalities. By monitoring your health and correcting abnormalities or conditions that could affect it, we can help you maintain your peak performance for many years to come.

Huntington Beach Sports Medicine

Common treatments for sports-related injuries often include:

• Protection
Protecting the injured site can help prevent further injury and create an environment that will promote optimal healing.

• Rest
Walking stick, crutches or a wheelchair may be needed to eliminate the need to put weight on the injured part.

• Cool compresses
Ice packs can reduce pain and inflammation.

• Heating pads
Heat may be used to promote healing and soothe sore muscles.

• Compression
Compression bandages or special compression garments are used to limit swelling and stabilize joints.

• Elevation
Raising the injured part above the heart can limit swelling.

• Pain relief
Pain medications or creams can combat pain so that you can heal more comfortably.

• Immobilization
Casts, slings, splints, braces and bandages can reduce movement, prevent further damage and limit pain, swelling and spasms.

• Corticosteroid injections
These injections are designed to combat inflammation and relieve pain.

• Physiotherapy
Special massages and exercises can help get you back in the game after severe or long-term injury.

• Surgery
Surgery may be needed for severe fractures and catastrophic soft tissue injuries.

Dr. Pospisil, Huntington Beach sports medicine expert, creates fully customized treatment plans to help you get back out there and perform your best. Call us today to find out more or to schedule your appointment with Dr. Pospisil, our Huntington Beach orthopedic surgeon.

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